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Automated Driving Test Track

Under 4E Road Safety approach, to improve the driving licensing system (Enforcement) Automated Driving Test Track (ADTT) has been setup. In these ADTTs, driving license seekers get tested on their driving skills by video analytics technology with zero human intervention, all within 10 minutes cycle time. The centres have specially designed tracks to conduct driving tests. They are also equipped with high-resolution cameras to capture real-time footage of tests, analytics-based assessment tools and biometrics.

HAMS (Harnessing Automobile for Safety)

This smartphone-based solution is jointly developed by Maruti Suzuki’s Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR) and Microsoft Research India with the objective to provide a safe, automated and transparent driver’s license test process. The technology works by attaching a HAMS-enabled smartphone to the applicant’s car which monitors the driver as well as the road. The technology uses advanced AI models for precise tracking of the vehicle’s trajectory during designated test maneuvers. Through advanced video analytic technology driving skills of the applicants is evaluated.

17 +


7 Lakh +

Individuals taken driving test

Track design


Boom barriers
Signal light
  • Multiple technologies deployed to make driving testing process comprehensive, fool-proof, transparent and seamless with zero human intervention, all within a span of 10 minutes
  • Video analytics automation technology integrated with RFID readers, sensors, boom barriers, signal light etc. evaluated the driving skill of the test candidate.
  • The computer software generates instant test report basis which the applicant’s performance.
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